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kidz kamp
waiver and conditions of enrolment

Note: All information gathered is private and will not be released to any parties except in the case of emergency to the appropriate medical personnel.


Parent's Authorization:


- To my knowledge, this health history is correct and the person herein has permission to engage in all activities, except as noted.


- Full Gospel Assembly administration reserves the right to dismiss any child who, in his/her opinion is a hazard to the safety and rights of others or who has appeared to reject the reasonable controls of the camp. If this occurs, fees are not refunded.


- Precautions are taken for safety and health, but in the event of accident or sickness, Full Gospel Assembly, its staff and its volunteers are hereby released from any liability.


- I am aware there is a pool on site with a certified lifeguard on duty and consent to my child’s use of the pool.


- I further consent to allow photographs of my child to be used for possible publication in Full Gospel Assembly promotional materials.

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