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Answers Bible Curriculum is a curriculum that covers the entire Bible. It answers questions that confront Christians today, and it provides an amazing overview of God’s Word. Handouts reinforce the lesson content and encourage easy family discussion at home. Students are equipped with “faith proofs” to defend the Bible and to honor Christ as they apply Scripture to their everyday lives.

Key Elements of Answers Bible Curriculum:

  • Full of apologetics and life application

  • Student take-homes for family discussion

  • Focus on God’s plan of redemption

  • Whole Bible curriculum


Kids will discover that God has invited them to be His people and to share His story with the world. There will be glimpses of God’s salvation plan throughout the year, but there will be  lessons where that plan is communicated clearly and kids will have an opportunity to respond. 

We use a variety of teaching styles to engage all children.

Here's what we will be learning about this month at GO! Kids:

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